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Purpose of the Park & Recreation Master Plan Update

The Parks and Recreation Plan will provide the opportunity to address needs and
make recommendations in several of these key areas:

    1. To evaluate current recreational programming, park land use and park
      facilities to determine if the leisure needs and interests of all citizens are
      being met regardless of residential location, age, gender, race, handicap
      or economic status.
    2. To develop a plan to meet the immediate and long-range leisure program
      and facility (indoor and outdoor) needs of all residents.
    3. To review the current trails, pathway systems, Environmental Sensitive Land
      (ESL) sites and the involvement of the Florida Department of Conservation.
    4. To review and evaluate the present and projected maintenance
      operations, organizational structure and administrative functions (including
      staffing relative to current and projected needs).
    5. To determine the adequacy of the current level of funding to meet present
      and future needs.
    6. To identify and evaluate potential cooperative local community, regional,
      county and profit and non-profit ventures that aid in meeting recreation needs.
    7. To evaluate the influence and impact of Broward County existing and future
      plans for recreation, park and open space in the county.
    8. To evaluate the current fee structure for all programs, events, amenities,
      facility rentals and make recommendations on whether to increase or
      decrease fees. Also, review current policy on facility rentals to determine gate fees,
      concession agreements and overall operations.
    9. Review and make recommendations on all Parks and Recreation contracts.
      Instructor contracts, Reciprocal Agreements and any other Park and Recreational related contracts.
    10. To provide recommendations on resident to nonresident program fees
      including current policies concerning recreational sporting organizations and
      competitive sporting organizations and facility use.